Accounting Services

  • Payroll:

    We offer a variety of flexible payroll services. We can handle all of your payroll services by preparing paychecks for your signature and then following up with payroll tax payments and quarterly reports. Or, we can just do your quarterly tax reports and W-2s. We will do whatever works best for you.
  • Bookkeeping:

    We offer a full range of bookkeeping services for organizations that prefer to outsource all or part of the accounting function. Like most accounting firms, we refer to this service as "'write-up" work. This is because we start with information provided by your organization (such as a check register or Quickbooks information) and post it to a general ledger or trial balance program. The general ledger or trial balance program is the source from which information can be extracted for financial statements, income tax returns, and any special report you might need for your business decisions.
  • Quickbooks support:

    We can assist you in installing and configuring Quickbooks for your business or personal record keeping.
  • Compilation or Review of Financial Statements:

    We can prepare monthly, quarterly or annual compiled financial statements to help you measure how your business is performing, and whether or not you are achieving your goals. If you are in need of financial statements that offer limited assurance, we can prepare reviewed financial statements.
  • Auditing Services:

    We currently provide and offer auditing services to not-for-profit organizations. Focusing our audit activity on the not-for-profit sector has allowed us to develop considerable expertise in these areas and our clients benefit from this expertise. We add value to our audits by being alert for opportunities that will increase an organization's operating efficiency and strengthen its internal controls.
    As part of our not-for-profit audit engagements, we usually prepare the annual reports to the Internal Revenue Service (Form 990) and to the Oregon Department of Justice (Form CT-12). We are also available to prepare annual return/report of employee benefit plans (Form 5500) with the Department of Labor Employee Benefits Security Administration.

Tax Services:

  • Individual Income Tax Returns:

    We prepare income tax returns for individuals, businesses, fiduciaries and estate returns. This broad base provides us with a wide range of experience
  • Partnership Income Tax Returns:

    We prepare partnership income tax returns for partnerships and limited liability companies (LLCs). Partnerships or LLCs that have assets in excess of $250,000 must prepare a balance sheet as part of their return, and we prepare that as well.
  • Corporate Income Tax Returns:

    We prepare both C corporation and S corporation income tax returns. We work with business owners to minimize income tax expense, not only at tax time, but also with long-term tax planning.
  • Preparation of Fiduciary Income Tax Returns:

    We prepare fiduciary income tax returns for estates and trusts, including the Schedule K-1s for beneficiaries.
  • Preparation of Estate Tax Returns:

    We prepare estate and inheritance tax returns for decedents. We work closely with attorneys of probated estates to arrive at the best choice of taxable year.

Trust and Estate Administration:

If you are the successor trustee of a living trust, we can help you administer the trust and settle the decedent's estate.
We can help:
  • Apply for a Federal ID number for the trust (this is required when the trust becomes irrevocable after the death of the original trustor).
  • Advise account holders of the new Federal ID number.
  • Determine the amounts of any Federal Estate Tax and/or Oregon Inheritance Tax and prepare the necessary tax returns.
  • Assist with after-death tax planning to minimize current and future estate and inheritance taxes.
  • Prepare final income tax returns for the decedent and fiduciary income tax returns for the trust.